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Kerb Appeal Tips to Help Sell Your Home

How to Add Kerb Appeal with 7 Easy DIY Tips

In today’s competitive housing market, the importance of kerb appeal cannot be underestimated. Maximise kerb appeal and you can maximise home viewings and the potential for a successful sale. These 7 easy DIY tips to add kerb appeal are designed to do just that: to help sellers boost the chances of a sale by making the best first impression.

What is kerb appeal?

Kerb appeal is how attractive a property looks when viewed from outside, and plays a significant role in a home’s desirability and eventual sale. After all, first impressions are always important.

According to Rightmove, buyers take on average just 3 seconds to decide whether a property is worth viewing or not. Maximise kerb appeal to be on the right side of that statistic.

Top 7 DIY tips to boost kerb appeal

These 7 DIY tips don’t take long to implement but will certainly add significant kerb appeal to any property.

1. Clean the windows

With all the focus on clean and uncluttered interiors, windows (and doors) are often overlooked. Yet, grimy windows set alarm bells ringing for buyers, who will wonder what lurks beneath! On the other hand, windows that sparkle and gleam, inside and out, boost kerb appeal. Invest in a window vacuum or tackle this job with a bit of elbow grease. Doing so, will:

  • Show that every aspect of the home has been cared for
  • Indicate routine property maintenance
  • Allow more natural light into the property

2. Tend to the front garden

Naturally, front gardens add significantly to kerb appeal, but they do need to be well tended. Give buyers the right first impression and they will be more likely to be drawn inside. Be sure to:

  • Fix any issues, from a squeaky gate, to a temperamental doorbell
  • Mow the lawn and tidy up flowerbeds
  • Trim and tidy hedges
  • Rake up fallen leaves
  • Create a clear path to the front door

Planters or hanging baskets are also an easy and cost-efficient way to add a splash of colour to the front garden. Here are some handy tips on hanging baskets from the Royal Horticultural Society.

3. Lighting

Good lighting gives buyers a warm welcome, especially in the winter. Replace porchlight bulbs for maximum brightness (ideally with an LED bulb) and clean light shades. Affordable and effective, adding solar-powered post lights, placed in the ground or in planters, can be an eye-catching way to boost a home’s kerb appeal.

4. Paths and paving

High-traffic areas like garden paths, driveways and paving can become weathered and worn over time. Use a pressure washer to banish unsightly marks and to return surfaces to their original colour. A pressure washer can be hired for as little as £20 a day and can help prevent mould or moss growth, keeping outdoor areas in tip-top condition for longer. Alternatively, a scrubbing brush and warm water will also work wonders.

5. Front door facelift

Much like dirty windows, a scruffy front door does not inspire confidence. Whilst modern uPVC or composite doors are easily refreshed with warm soapy water, older doors can be revived with a fresh coat of paint. Take inspiration from Farrow & Ball’s Favourite Front Doors and stand out from the competition. 

6. Banish the bins

Modern wheelie bins are practical, but they are not visually appealing. Whilst it is possible to personalise them with cheerful covers, wheelie bins are generally best kept hidden. If possible, store them out of sight at the side or rear of the property, or invest in a wheelie bin screen or storage. 

7. Be a good neighbour

Prospective buyers will look beyond boundary walls and so should sellers. Start by keeping the pavements outside your home litter-free and contact the council about any overflowing bins or bulky waste. There may be a fee to pay, but it’s a small price for a good first impression. Why not ask neighbours if they’d like their front gardens tidied and hedges trimmed too? A little extra thought and effort can go a long way and a well-maintained street certainly increases the kerb appeal of the individual properties on it.

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